Hall of Fame

IASAC has been considering having a Hall of Fame for some of the Collectors and Dealers that made the Silver Art Hobby what it is today.

We are still setting the criteria but you are welcome to nominate any person that has been a member of IASAC.

Some names that could be considered are:

Mike Jordan, Michigan

Judy Drugan, Ohio

Steve Rood, Michigan

Will Rossman, Colorado

Bill Cassin, Washington

Charlie Diehl, Illinois

Duane Spellman, California

Archie Kidd, Kentucky

Ed Lantz, Tennessee

Nancy Yee, Washington

Ivan Rash, Indiana

Doug Jennings, Michigan

Walter Thomas, Wisconsin

Please feel free to send pictures and bios for any of these people to [email protected] if you are a family member or close friend.  We would love to capture some of our lost history.


Steve Austin, President