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 The International Association of Silver Art Collectors (IASAC) is dedicated to the silver round and rectangle hobbyist, collector, dealer and producer.  Anyone interested in this unique hobby is invited to join and participate in the available benefits


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The club was conceived by Ed Lantz in January of 1985.  With the assistance of Mike Jordan and Will Rossman along with the encouragement of Ivan Rash, I.A.S.B.C. was formed with Ed as “Charter” President.  The club was originally named International Association of Silver Bar Collectors (I.A.S.B.C.), however the name was changed at the first meeting of the organization in August 1985 to include round collectors as well.  I.A.S.A.C. encompasses pressed art bars, pressed art rounds, medallions, Mardi Gras doubloons, old pours, new pours, collector plates and figures such as the Franklin Mint issues. Also, castings in 925, 958, 999 and even some numismatic collectable issues such as those from Perth Mint, New Zealand Mint and even the collectable issues of the United States Mint etc.

Cris Drugan, son of the first secretary-treasurer Judy Drugan designed the club logo.  It incorporates both the round and rectangle with the globe signifying the international aspect of the club and the larger S at the center for “silver”.  Two olive branches on either side unify the design and symbolize the peaceful existence of both bars and rounds.

IASAC produces either a silver ingot or round for its members annually, alternating between shapes.  A design contest is held for members, in which artwork relates to either the location of the annual convention or a significant historical event.  The clubs’ officers and trustees select the winning design and the winner is formally presented with the first strike of the issue, serial numbered “00”, at the annual convention.  These meetings are typically held in the late summer/early fall in conjunction with a major coin show.  Locations vary so that regional members have an opportunity to attend.


The design for all .999 fine silver club units from 1985 to present are pictured together in 2021 IASAC Guide.  Many can also be seen in the 5th, 6th and 7th editions of An Indexed Guide Book of Silver Art Bars, last published in 2020. The foremost reference guide for silver art, these books were published by Archie Kidd and later Michael Kabrin and Stephen Kidd.

IASAC meets annually in conjunction with a major coin show. Locations are varied so that as many regional members might attend at one time or another. Meeting sites have included Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Denver, Baltimore, Long Beach, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Chattanooga, Dallas, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Omaha, Sacramento, Dalton, GA, Annandale, VA, St. Louis, Tucson, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Portland, OR, Minneapolis, Greensboro and Chicago.


By accepting membership, IASAC members agree to abide by the Bylaws of the organization and act with integrity in all business transactions.

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