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International Association of Silver Art Collectors

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This listing reflects our entire inventory of past & current club issues on hand. There is a limit of one/person for any variety. All orders subject to prior sale. Prices are subject to change. Thanks for supporting IASAC!


IASAC-11B IASAC 10th Anniversary - Las Vegas (bar) Bronze no serial # $12
IASAC-12B 1996 - 11th Annual Roundup - Dallas/Ft. Worth (round) Bronze no serial # $12
2000 Sacramento or Bust (round)
1 Antique Bronze postal cover
no serial #
$14 ea
IASAC-17B 2001 Mt. Vernon - Virginia Convention (bar) Bronze no serial # $12 ea
2004 Dalton Convention
1 Antique Bronze
no serial #
$10 ea
IASAC-21B 2005 St. Louis MO Convention (bar)    
2 Bronze no serial # $10 ea
IASAC-22B 2006 Tucson AR Convention (round)    
1 Bronze no serial # $12 ea
2007 Indianapolis Race Car (bar) Antique Bronze
no serial #
$7 ea
2008 Baltimore Crab Cake (round) Antique Bronze
no serial #
$7 ea
2009 Los Angeles Convention (bar) Antique Bronze
no serial #
$7 ea
2010 Las Vegas Convention (round) Antique Bronze
no serial #
$7 ea
2011 Chicago Convention (bar) Antique Bronze
no serial #
$7 ea
Everything's Just Peachy (round) 2012 Convention
.999 fine silver
serial #d
$45 ea
set, silver & enameled
serial #matching
$105 set
.999 fine silver, enameled
serial #d
$65 ea
Antique Bronze
no serial #
$7 ea
IASAC-30 2013 Oregon Beaver (bar)    
.999 fine silver, serial # d $45 ea
.999 fine silver, enameled serial # d $65 ea
.999 fine silver, plain & enameled serial # Matching $105
Bronze no serial # $6 ea
Bottle Cap Key Chain, free, you pay postage
$1 ea
Bottle Cap Magnet - limited edition of 50, postpaid
$5 ea
Ten-year pin, enameled, postpaid
$10 ea
T-shirts, royal blue, sizes S-M-L, postpaid
$15 ea

Please add $5 postage and insurance for one or two items, $6 for three or more. Mail to:
IASAC, P.O. Box 28415, Seattle, WA 98118-8415.


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