The Silver Bugle

IASAC Newsletter

IASAC Association Newsletter

Beginning in 2018, the IASAC newsletter, The Silver Bugle, will be published quarterly in February, May, June, August and November.

Help Us Out!!

We are looking for you to send in informational articles or fun stories of your bar collecting endeavors!  There are  many new collectors and members of our Association that would benefit from your knowledge and expertise. Stories, articles, new silver issues, fun discoveries, little tidbits and letters to the editor can be sent to: 


            Full Page – $25 (non-member $37.50)

Half Page – $15 (non-members $22.50)

Quarter Page $10 (non-member $15)

Classifieds – $.25 per word (minimum 30 words) ** Members receive ONE FREE classified advertisement with their annual membership

Ads can be sent to the below address. “The Silver Bugle” accepts advertisements for silver bar and round hobby-related items. The IASAC and advertisers may not be held responsible for typographical, price or description errors that may occur.

For a sample of our newsletter, send $2.00 to:

The Silver Bugle
P.O. Box 5202
Lakeland, FL  33807-5202