The International Association of Silver Art Collectors (IASAC) was conceived over talks at the kitchen table of Steve and Agnes Rood in January 1985. One of these particpants was Ed Lantz who became the first President of the club. IASAC was founded to foster friendship and promote awareness and trade among the community of silver art collectors, dealers and producers. The club was originally called the International Association of Silver Bar Collectors (IASBC), however the name was changed at the first meeting of the organization in August 1985, to include round collectors as well.


Cris Drugan designed the club logo in 1985. He incorporated both the round and rectangle, with the globe signifying the international aspect of the club and two olive branches unifying the design. IASAC annually produces either a silver ingot or round for its members, alternating between shapes. The designs relate to the location of the yearly meeting or a significant historical event. Various club members have designed club units in competition, with the winner receiving the first strike of the medal, serial numbered “000”.

IASAC meets annually in conjunction with a major coin show. Locations are varied so that as many regional members might attend at one time or another. Meeting sites have included Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Denver, Baltimore, Long Beach, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Chattanooga, Dallas, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Omaha, Sacramento, Dalton, GA, Annandale, VA, St. Louis, Tucson, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Portland, OR, Minneapolis, Greensboro and Chicago.

IASAC Bylaws